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Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you - James 4:8

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


well, wow. it's been how long, since i left this thing alone...? almost four weeks. haha what a month. not much had happened, but then again, its only January, for crying out loud! well, let's go through the list of things i've done.

its my most crucial year, as my classmates and friends and i will be sitting for our major government exam in November (i think). so i've been studying, studying, studying... well, it's not like i had any other choice, now do i? my mother has cut my computer privileges to only two days a week (weekends. even my weekends are booked with tuitions and plenty of homework!), stopped me from reading my fictional story books... oh man, this is torture! no reading??? this is too much. i hope all this studying will pay off eventually.

this year, i'm a senior in school... my last year in school. somehow, i don't feel sad... neither do i feel ecstatic. i cannot believe all my once-in-a-lifetime dreams are taken away by certain people. since i was a kid, i always wanted to do things i see the seniors do in school. responsible things, might i add. my mother will kill me if she caught me doing bad stuff. i worked so hard... so damn hard to achieve these dreams, only to be taken away by some... (i don't have the heart to call them names) ding dongs! they don't even know the school long enough, and they snatch all the positions they can get. i hate this year's school system. they changed everything.

and then, there's the Chinese New Year... where we get plenty of angpau (red packets) filled with very little money. haha, that's ok, as long as there's money in it ^^ i ate plenty, so i'll have to go on an even more strict diet after this festival. Happy Chinese New Year to all you people XD

well, that's all for the time being. when i get back to school, who knows what will happen? well, for one, i can already see that it's back to business. no more games, it's studying time! oh, i hope we'll get through this.

ok this is post no. 28, with Kimmy signing out! till next time... =P

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