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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 ----> 2013

I sit at my small table, staring into my laptop as usual, ignoring the fact that I have studies to do and just focusing on my hobbies... for my three-week holiday is ending in two days. And the thought of classes starting again is just... NO.

I've become confused between the days and dates that have passed me by like the wind, fast and unknowing. I thought yesterday was today, today was yesterday... you get the point. So in actual fact, I did not know it was New Year's Eve today. Stupid, right?

Hence, I decided to just... write something. So... let's start from this month's December all the way down to earlier this year's February (because January is too insignificant).

Watched Life of Pi (on the 24th) and Les Misérables (on the 26th). I will admit, I really loved Les Mis. Their music is amazing and addictive, and the vocals are a wonderful mix. Coming from a family who loves listening to music all the way to the 80's (sometimes the 70's and even the 60's), it was no wonder that we started rewatching live musicals such as Cats and Evita and even the Phantom of the Opera, and even started searching for the Les Mis musicals, e.g. the 10th and 25th anniversary musicals. My ears are satisfied. :)

My most favourite character in Les Mis: Éponine played by Samantha Barks. She's super pretty with an even prettier voice. Posting a picture (with glee feelings):

And all the way down to February (hah! did you think I was actually going to list out month per month? Naw, i wish my memory were that good in the first place):
I joined university, fresh out of college! I was officially accepted later in the year, but we started early. Anyway it's almost a year already and we still act as though we are in our first month, knowing nothing about our subjects. Yes, it is that difficult. But there is no turning back; time to suck it up and go through with it >:)

There were ups and downs in my 2012, more ups than downs, really. But a lot of things have happened, I can say... more than any other years that have come and gone. I won't forget, however, I will continue to hope for a better 2013, 2014, 2015... and yeah, you get my drift.

So I will see you in 2013 in at least two more hours (+8:00 GMT Singapore, Hong Kong) time. How did you spend your 2012? :)

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