James 4:8

Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you - James 4:8

Friday, December 25, 2009


i'm sitting in the living room, next to the balcony's glass door with the curtain drawn, using my computer and typing this right now. i've been thinking this for quite some time: SPM's over! i"m free!

but now, its Christmas Day. My family and I went to church and then drove all the way to Negeri Sembilan to check out the PLKN camp which i am assigned to go to. it was scary... because it looked just like the camp i joined (and left the next day because i had an appointment back home) in June.

National Service just wasn't the idea i had in mind to spend my after-school holidays. before June came, i was always thinking that i'll get a job before i get my SPM results (my best option, i hope) to sign up for college. but dang, guess God had other plans for me. going camping is a 'not bad' idea, but for three months in the jungle where all the insects are?? if i had a choice, i'd pass - definitely.

these few weeks after i finished SPM, i have to say i kinda wasted it by doing absolutely nothing. but recently my sister introduced a new manga with its anime to me. suddenly, my world became so much brighter... haha! but ridiculously, she did that a week ago. the manga's not even completed yet. sad.

sigh. now i'm sitting here comfortably (just don't ask how) and realizing that NS is going to be... next Saturday. oh my gosh. for those who are not chosen and are probably gloating by now, this is very nerve-wrecking... really.

*laughs* this is a silent night lol. signing out now - hinoiri.

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