James 4:8

Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you - James 4:8

Monday, November 17, 2008

Boring much?

looking outside my window (or the balcony, more like), i see... darkness - it's night time. haha, i am so bored that i have nothing better to do but to create a new post.

let's see... today, since i woke up, i have been staring at my computer. i went through my usual websites... and then i started randomly surfing the net. i was so bored i could cry.

then, in the afternoon after lunch, my family and i went around places doing stuff - yeah, stuff - and then we went home, an hour and a half later. haha guess what i did then?

that's right people, computer... again.

i swear, if this goes on, i'm gonna have a nervous breakdown. i tried reading a book, but as interesting as the plot goes, i can't seem to get a comfortable position.

so in conclusion, i spent my entire day in front of the computer. it's so boring (i can scream and bawl my eyes out and it won't change a thing!) T.T

an empty-meaning post, i apologize for that. this is what boredom can do to me... ^^'

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