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Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you - James 4:8

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Perfect Guy, anyone?

okay, people. i have decided to accept a challenge (which i rarely do) set by a friend of mine. she told me to post my description of my Mr. Perfect.

haha... such a joke. but i figured, hey, no harm in doing this, right? right. it's not like Mr. Perfect is going to appear in front of me the next day anyway. so i am going to write a list as my description... just read on ^^

my Mr. Perfect should
1. have a good sense of humour (definitely, DUH!)
2. be smart (in all ways possible)
3. love to read
4. be strong (physically and spiritually)
5. be supportive
6. be gentle (should love kids too)
7. have a good heart and be compassionate
8. must know loyalty
9. be the opposite of me (i do not mean completely)
10. be handsome (which girl doesn't like a cute guy? at least he should be, in my eyes anyway)
11. be athletic and sporty
12. must love music (MOST ESSENTIAL lol)
13. be taller than me (most definitely)

(not essential... but if have, even better.)
1. know how to cook (hey, who doesn't love a surprise every once in a while?)
2. know how to draw (i can't draw, but i love looking at art)

there, i have said it. now, i know this is ridiculous, but i can't help it! but sometimes, i might just make an exception ;)

feel free to either compliment or criticize this post (" ,)

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Stephanie said...

haha....there are a lot similarityies that i look into 4 my mr. perfect. :)