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Friday, November 28, 2008


for those who don't know what the title means, it is actually Twilight in Japanese. and no, i ain't gonna talk about twilight, i'm going to talk about the MOVIE!!!!! XD

on the 27th of november, my sister (huge fan), my mum (knows a little - next to zilch) and i (huge fan) went to a cinema to watch. not surprisingly, only half of the room was filled. i didn't mind. though, i did mind some smart people (even i have no idea who were they) started giggling and laughing at the corner for no good reason. idiots =.=

anyway, i have to say... the show was AWESOME!!! now i definitely am not going to say anything about the insides of the movie, cos then it would be just spoiler! but i have to say, no offense, people, i still prefer the books. but, haha, the movie is just as beautiful ^^

here's a little picture in the movie... i just feel like putting a picture here ^^'


Twilight Merchandise

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